(3.0-12mm) cut-to-length line


(3.0-12)×2000mm Cut To Length Production Line

LOTOS SLITTING has the qualification and ability to design and manufacture equipment and is responsible for the processing capacity, quality, labor safety, performance, integrity of supply, transportation, installation, foundation construction, operation guidance,and commissioning of the equipment.


Main technical parameters:

Steel coil parameters


Hot-rolled steel coil

Steel coil performance

σS≤355Mpa, σb≤500MPa

Steel thickness


Steel width


Steel coil I.D

Φ508/Φ610 mm

Steel coil O.D


Steel coil weight


Product specifications

Steel plate thickness



Steel plate width


Steel plate length



Stacking height



Stacking weight


Length precision

≤±1mm (board length ≤2000mm)

Diagonal precision


Burr height

≤5% plate thickness


≤2mm/m² (T=8~12mm)

≤4mm/m² (T=4~8mm)

Other parameters

Line direction

From right to left

(Face to machine)

Production line working speed

35m /min(T=3~8mm)

20m /min(T=8~12mm)

Power capacity


Power supply


Machine color

Red & Gray

12mm Metal Sheets Cutting Machine

The (3.0-12mm) cut-to-length line is an advanced piece of industrial machinery that automates the process of cutting metal coils into precise sheet lengths. This system is essential in industries such as automotive, construction, and manufacturing, where precise sheet metal dimensions are critical.

Key Components:

  • Coil Uncoiler: Unwinds the metal coil smoothly.
  • Straightening Unit: Levels and flattens the metal.
  • Feeder and Measuring Roll: Feeds the material accurately and measures length precisely.
  • Shear/Cutting Unit: Cuts the metal to the desired length.
  • Stacker: Collects the cut sheets in an organized manner.


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