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Focus on Slitting Lines

Components of Coil Slitting Lines

Focus on Slitting Lines , Let’s take a closer look at the key components that make up a coil slitting line:

  1. Uncoiler or Hydraulic entry coil car
  2. Hydraulic decoiler
  3. Hydraulic Press and pinch device
  4. Hydraulic Cutter
  5. Looper Ⅰ
  6. Side guide device
  7. Slitter
  8. Scrap winder
  9. Looper Ⅱ
  10. Tension stand
  11. Recoiler

components of the slitting line 

. 1. Hydraulic entry coil car

  • The car can move levelly and vertically, which is convenient for putting the steel coils into the de-coiler.
  • It is driven vertically by a φ180mm hydraulic cylinder with 4 guide pillars
  • Function: It is used to lift up and down, and move forward and back to make it easy to load the coils on decoiler. Hydraulic controls lifting, motor drives moving. The car is controlled by the auxiliary control panel. Its moving speed is 6-7m/min. When the coils on decoiler, the car will return back to the start position. It can also carry back the unfinished coils from decoiler.

2. Hydraulic decoiler

  • 15KW motor drives the decoiler running and the hydraulic drives it expand and shrink.
  • Expanding model: the oblique slider is driven by
    a hydraulic oil cylinder.
  • Mandrel: 45# steel processed by heat treatment
  • It is designed with a supporting stand that is driven by hydraulics to ensure the heavy weight of coils can be loaded.
  • It is designed with a press arm, and the roller is made of rubber, this design is used to prevent the coils from loosing.

3. Hydraulic Press and pinch device

  • It is good for improving the plates’ surface and straightening then guiding the steel plates into the next process.
  • It is made by a drive device , 2 pinch rollers and frame.
  • The gap between rollers can be adjusted manually to make sure the leveling quality.

What are the components of a slitting machine?

4. Hydraulic Cutter

  • Adopt two columns structures, a press device, can cut the steel plates.
  • The up and down blades which are alloy material 9CrSi can adjust their gap.
  • The machine is used for the steel shear and to make the plate easy to slitting machine.

5. Looper Ⅰ

  • The pit equipp with 2 groups of magic eyes to control the speed buffer between decoiler and slitter
  • Magic eye is controlled by PLC.

Function: it use to eliminate the different speeds and make the plates in the wrong rail back the right way. At first, the hydraulic cylinder lifts the bridges to pass the steel sheets. when working, the bridges will lift down, the steel will be stored in the pit. There equipp with photoelectric devices to adjust the high or low speed to make sure the certain store quantity is in the pit.

6. Side guide device

  • It uses vertical rollers on both sides to guide the plates into the slitting machine correctly.
  • The guide rollers are adjusted by the rods on both sides. The width range is 1500mm.

Function: it is used to prevent the sheet from running the wrong way. On both sides of the plates width way, the stand rolling is fixed on their own position and can adjust the width manually to match the different width plates. There are 4 rollers (quenching HRC55-58) which are divided into 2 rollers on each side.

Components of Steel Coil Slitting Machine

7. Slitter 

  • Knife pivot specification: φ200x1500mm, material: 40Cr, heat treatment HB225-250.
  • Host machine: This is composed of a bottom stand, fixed bracket, big slide, knife pivot(φ200mm, 2pcs), movable bracket, slide, the front and back adjustable device of the bracket, knife pivot lifting, and pressing down adjustment device.
  • Power part: 75KW DC motor with JZQ 650 decelerator and universal coupling as well as gear distributing case, coupler, spindle, connecting cover, etc.

8.Scrap winder 

  • It consists of a base, the shaft, and the plate for scrap material, a friction wheel, a supporting wheel chain, a chain, a decelerator, and a 4Kw motor, etc.

9. Looper Ⅱ

  • The roller-table lift up and down by hydraulic. All the rollers on the table are chromed and between the rollers, it is designed with the Bakelite plate (Function: can prevent the sheets from scratching)
  • At the exit part of the roller table, it is designed with the pre-dividing device.

10. Tension stand

  • It is composed of the base,pre-dividing device, tension press device, and so on. It is used to divide the strips and adjust the tension power for rewinding to ensure the rewinding quality.
  • It is designed with two dividing devices and a press device. One hydraulic block device and two roller devices.
  •  The press rollers as well as the two-roller device at the exit part are equipped with an air cylinder to control the lifting.
  • The dividing shafts adopt the linear slider design which is convenient to change the slitting requirements according to cutting demand.

Steel Coil Slitting Machine

11. Recoiler

  • It adopts hydraulic expansion and shrinks to tighten the coil’s inner diameter.
  • It is designed with the hydraulic press arm equipped with spacers to guarantee even rewinding quality.
  • It is equipped with a hydraulic pushing device to unload the coils
  • 90KW DC motor can guarantee the rewinding quality.
  • Gear adopts casting ZG45, the surface of the gears is processed by quenching, HRC45°,
  • Designed with a seamless expand and shrink structure and clip-mouth so that when the strip heads insert into the clip-mouth, it will close automatically and start winding.
  • Press arm lifts up and down by hydraulic and it is equipped with a pushing plate which is used to help push the coils to the coil car.

12.Hydraulic exit coil car

  • This car carries slitted coils and movable lifting.
  • φ180 hydraulic cylinder drives it lifts up and down and is equipped with 4 guide pillars.

13. Hydraulic system

  • 1 set hydraulic control station, control valve, and oil pipes. It is controlled by an 11KW AC motor.
  • It is designed with a pressure storage device. When reaching up to a certain amount, the motor will stop working automatically. This design saves power consumption.
  • And it is equipped wind-cooling system to ensure the hydraulic works in a stable environment.
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